Welcome back!
by: Yolinda Vixen.Posted on: 20:18 08-03-2013


Hi cat's 'nd kittens!


Didn't write here for a while, but I will start writing more blogs since there will be more to talk about! Tomorrow I have the honor to walk a show for no one less than HMS-latex at the Dominatrix party, hope to see some of you there. Looking forward to wear some shiny latex and to see all the pretty ladies again!


And I am so excited to announce that CPRomance soon will be publishing my book called 'My sultry confessions' with short erotic stories, written by me of course ;) and beautiful un-seen pictures from my latest shoot! Here is just a little teaser to keep you warm in the mean time.  


And I want to give a big thank you to Jef poldervaart, Vivian Kramer, Bob RopeMarks, Dutch Dame, Judith van Dongen and Madame de Pompadour for being such a great team for this shoot!





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